Dr. med. Daniela Puschmann
Facharztpraxis für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe
ZB Naturheilverfahren
Dr. med. Daniela Puschmann
Facharztpraxis für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe
ZB Naturheilverfahren

Current information


Simplicity is the highest level of perfection. – Leonardo da Vinci –


Dr. med. Daniela Puschmann
Frauenarzt / Gynäkologe
in Dresden auf jameda


Dear patients.

Our practice remains from May 28th – 05/31/24 closed.

In urgent emergencies outside of office hours, please contact the medical on-call service on 116 117 or the Dresden women’s clinics.

Our practice is open to PRIVATE INSURED and SELF-PAYERS.

Self-paying means: Statutory insured or uninsured patients, as well as privately insured patients, receive an invoice according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ).

We reserve the right to adjust the GOÄ factor in a social and fair manner.

We guarantee you treatment on the same day if you have acute symptoms. If possible, please register in advance by telephone.

New patients are welcome.
We speak German and English.
Daily acute consultations without registration, also for pregnant women.
Fair and transparent billing according to GOÄ.
Anonymous treatment possible.

We take your fears seriously and find ways out of the impasse.

Our legally insured patients can alternatively contact Dr. med. Sadowski turn:
Dr. med. Carolin Sadowski
Tharandter Str. 5
01159 Dresden
Telephone: 0351 4135836

Please refer to our practice homepage www.praxis-puschmann.de for current questions

Dr. med. Daniela Puschmann and the practice team at the Königstrasse gynecological practice in Dresden.

Failure fee:
Agreed treatment appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance by email (office(at)praxis-puschmann.de) or by telephone. In the event of short-term cancellations or non-cancellations, we reserve the right to charge you privately for cancellation fees equal to the treatment costs if we were unable to reschedule the appointment.

New here:
Expert advice and introduction to vital substance therapy and treatment with omega-3 fatty acids for long-term and chronic illnesses, infections and acquired mitochondrial diseases.

Office hours

8-15 Uhr
12-18:00 Uhr
9-15 Uhr
10-17:00 Uhr
8-15 Uhr
12-18:00 Uhr
9-15 Uhr
10-17:00 Uhr


Specialist practice for gynecology and obstetrics
Individual medicine


The basis of my medical practice is careful diagnostics backed by scientifically based gynecology and obstetrics. I agree with my colleague Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Römer in saying: “Gynecology is and remains individual medicine based on evidence-based guidelines.”

The integration of classic natural healing methods, psychosomatics and selected complementary therapy methods enables individual advice at specialist level with a total of 25 years of professional experience at home and abroad.

Man brings everything he has or can have into the world. Man is born like a garden, already planted and sown.

-William Blake


General Services

    • Accomplished gynecologist, fluent in German and English
    • Many years of professional experience at home and abroad
    • Integrity and data protection
    • Grounding, Comforting & Coaching for girls, women, mothers; tourists, guests of Dresden
    • Women busy in all walks of life welcome

    • Sensitivity to your personal life story before and after birth
    • Energetic medicine; Sexual medicine
    • Conflict and life crisis support according to Rainer Körner

    • Girls consultation hours / youth consultation hours
    • Mother-daughter consultation hours
    • Individual pregnancy care
    • Second opinion consultation in gynecology and obstetrics
    • Plain-text advice without taboos
    • Queer/gender consultation hours

    • Traditional gynecology
    • Individual hormone treatment
    • Prevention / early detection ultrasound of the internal genitals
    • Preventive breast ultrasound
    • Infection diagnostics / sexually transmitted diseases
    • Preventive lab examinations and health screenings
    • Diagnostics, advice and treatment for family-planning
    • Additional examinations during pregnancy
    • Diagnostics for skin, hair and figure

    • Biological vaccinations
    • Natural healing methods
    • Medical anesthesia
    • Home visits, Travel and conference companion
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration

    • Expert advice and introduction to vital substance therapy and treatment with omega-3 fatty acids for long-term and chronic illnesses, infections and acquired mitochondrial diseases.



About Us – Dr. med. Daniela Puschmann

2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2024 | Specialist recommended by the editorial team of FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT based on an independent survey. The research included, among other things: recommendations from colleagues, training, professional experience, involvement in professional societies, lectures, practice equipment, patient satisfaction and patient service.

1971 | born in Sonneberg/Thuringia
1989 | Abitur in Roßleben
1990-2001 | Studied human medicine and worked in Halle/Saale
From 2001 | with family in Dresden, 2 children


Professional background

1990-1995 | Studied human medicine at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
1996-2002 | Doctor at the MLU Center for Gynecology, Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Kölbl, clinical work in intensive care for pregnant women and prenatal diagnostics, obstetrics, operative gynecology, breast center, oncology, urogynecology, study supervision, lecturer at the medical school, seminar teaching, scientific work
1998 | Practice license
1999 | Conferral of doctorate with Professor Dr. Friedrich Röpke, “Psychosocial framework conditions for the decision to have a child.” Magna c. l.
2002-2004 | Doctor at the women’s clinic at the Dresden – Neustadt Municipal Hospital
2003 | Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology
2005 | Practice Dr. med. Birte Klingebiel, Dresden-Klotzsche
2006 | Statutory health insurance approval and takeover of the practice from Dr. med. Ute Kinder. Free collaboration with Dresden midwifery practices, alternative practitioners and alternative medicine specialists
2010-2020 | Gynecological practice Königstrasse – joint practice with Katharina Hempel
2020 | DresdenHealthScout💚
• Consultation room in the countryside
• Flexible individual health management
From 2021 | Practice for integrative medicine – Dr. med. Daniela Puschmann
• Specialist practice for gynecology and obstetrics
• Private practice for individual medicine (m|f|d|k)
• Digital practice
• Deepening the cooperation with Madeleine Haseloff – individual psychological anti-burnout coach, medically certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, energy masseuse – www.deincoach-dresden.de

Specialist training

  • Doctor in the emergency service
  • Sonography: gynecology, obstetrics, extended organ screening 2nd trimester, breast, vascular diagnostics Doppler/Duplex
  • Psychosomatic basic care
  • Exercising and suggestive techniques/ autogenic training/ progressive muscle relaxation

2001-2005 | Additional qualification in naturopathy, Bilz-Bund Radebeul, DEKIMED with Professor Thorsten Doering Bad Elster, training class. Naturopathy, acupuncture, neural therapy, yoga, Sport therapy, Pilates, integrative mistletoe therapy

2012 | Preventive medicine (dgf)
2013 | Economist (FH Landshut)
2014 | Sexual medicine (BVF)
2017 | Colposcopy
2017/18 | Organic and logical healing knowledge with Katrin Kalbe
2018 | MET® “Pat yourself happy” by Rainer Franke
2019 | Practical seminar on biological healing knowledge, healing communication seminar with Rainer Körner
2019 | Gynecology Research & Practice compact, IUD (insertion via ultrasound), practical endocrinology for gynecologists
2020 | Conflict and trauma therapy / biological healing knowledge with Rainer Körner
2020 | 2021 Biosens training (bioenergetic meditation according to Viktor Philippi)
2021 | Face reading (Tortuga Coaching Anne Fierhauser)
2021 | Preventive endocrinology
2021 | Basics of healing communication / Biological healing knowledge with Rainer Körner
2022 | Vision Workshop (The Brofman Foundation) Viola Schöpe and Philippe Hannetelle
2023 | “Women’s Health after Reproduction” with Prof. Gian Carlo Di Renzo / Ospedale Santa Maria Nuova – Florence, Italy
2023 | Systemic further development of the practice / team building healing journey
2024 | Vital substance therapy in practice

Further training certificate from the Saxon State Medical Board until 2027

Member: SLÄK, BVF, DGGG, EBB e.V., BDMP e.V.
Languages: Deutsch, Englisch


Where we are

Königstraße 31 | 01097 Dresden – Parking options: Theresienstraße, Königstraße


    * Mandatory information

    Dr. med. Daniela Puschmann
    Facharztpraxis für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe
    Königstraße 31 | 01097 Dresden

    Phone: +49 (0)351 8 04 14 71
    Fax: +49 (0)351 2 16 75 28

    Email: office(at)praxis-puschmann.de (Monday–Wednesday, exclusively for appointments and cancellations)